Rio Tinto Kennecott South Jordan Annexation

On November 22, 2022, Rio Tinto Kennecott formally requested the annexation of approximately 2,200 acres of the company’s property into South Jordan City.

The annexation is a proactive step in a process to plan for infrastructure and services before developing a master planned community on the property over the next several years.

Rio Tinto Kennecott is currently at the early stage of creating a high-level community design that will be developed in phases, taking into account regional growth and best practices in urban design.

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The Salt Lake Valley continues to grow, and properties near this parcel of land are being developed. As a community member, economic driver, and major landowner with over a century of mining experience along the Oquirrh Mountains, long-range planning is a hallmark of Kennecott. Annexing this land enables Kennecott to proactively plan as the Salt Lake Valley grows. Now is the right time for Kennecott to seek annexation and lay the groundwork for a multi-year process to plan and develop this land in a smart and sustainable way.

Kennecott proposes annexing about 2,200 acres into South Jordan that is west and southwest of current city boundaries (orange area on map). Part of this includes property owned by Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.

In a separate action, Kennecott is asking Herriman City to annex 25 acres of its property (blue area on map). This property includes water tanks owned and maintained by Herriman City.

Annexation is the process of bringing land located in the unincorporated county into the boundaries of a city, which facilitates long-range planning of municipal services, utilities, and infrastructure.

Kennecott and South Jordan City have been neighbors for more than 100 years, and the company has worked closely with the City since Kennecott’s annexation and development of the Daybreak community into South Jordan 20 years ago. With this partnership Kennecott can build on past successes to plan for and gradually create sustainable and innovative neighborhoods that celebrate the surrounding natural environment.

The land that Kennecott is annexing was historically used for mining purposes.

Yes. The safety and well-being of current and future community members is a top priority for Kennecott. Before deciding to annex this property, several environmental and regulatory studies were completed, indicating this area is safe for future development. Throughout the planning and development process, Kennecott will ensure that this site is safe and provides an ecological benefit to the residents and wildlife.


Kennecott intends to be proactive and deliberate in planning and creating a residential master planned community that anticipates regional growth and addresses the challenges that Utah is experiencing today. Kennecott is in the early phases of identifying and planning for development that helps meet current and future housing needs, reduces resource consumption, respects the foothills environment, encourages outdoor recreation, and connects with neighboring areas via a network of multiuse trails. Development will be phased over time and with the goal of implementing best practices for water conservation, transportation, and recreation. Kennecott will work together with the surrounding communities to ensure this future community is thoughtfully and sustainably developed to create a vibrant place for people to live, work and play.

It’s important to note that development in the annexed area will take place over many years, perhaps decades, depending on mining needs and market demand. Kennecott is working with regional partners to plan for and develop right-sized infrastructure that is sustainable and creates more connections to the area's natural recreation amenities. This project has the potential to better connect the community with trails, parks, and open spaces in the foothills, as well as Rose, Yellow Fork, and Butterfield canyons. As a mining company with a long history in the Salt Lake Valley, Kennecott is known for its detailed and thoughtful planning, an approach Kennecott will take to create a new community over the coming years and decades that honors the beauty, topography, views, and landscape of the west bench.


Kennecott applied to annex approximately 2,200 acres of the company’s property into South Jordan City in November of 2022. The annexation process will take place over the next few months, during which South Jordan City will review the application, notify nearby property owners, and hold a public hearing. The annexation process is anticipated to be completed by mid-2023, after which Kennecott will begin a multi-year planning phase. Kennecott will share more information as the project progresses.

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Rio Tinto Kennecott is an integrated copper mining operation located just outside of Salt Lake City. Kennecott has been mining and processing minerals from the Bingham Canyon Mine since 1903 and has been an active and collaborative contributor to the economic success and development of the Salt Lake Valley. Nearly 20 years ago, Kennecott created Daybreak, one of the nation’s most successful master planned communities. Daybreak set the standard for master planned communities with its thoughtful design, amenities, and high quality of life.